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Family Kickboxing Turns 20 This January, And to Celebrate, We're Launching

Bold Fitness

And Putting 2 Decades Of Fitness Excellence To Work, 
Designing An Even Better Studio, To Deliver Even Better Results.

What That Means Is Even Better Results, Fast.

Feel Bold, Live Bold, Be BOLD.

You are confined Only By The Walls You Build Yourself.

Break Your Walls.

And Don't Ever Let Anyone (Including YOU!) 
Hold You Back From The Energy, The Passion, 
The Laughter, And The Life You Deserve.

Who's BOLD Fitness For?

Do you know how most gyms are boring, repetitive, short-term, and have an aroma of staleness and broken dreams?

Well, what we do is design our classes to be addictively fun, incredibly stress-relieving, physically fabulous and mentally empowering. 
(While Still Supporting Your Fun Lifestyle!)

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to get in head-turning shape very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

My name is Sara-Marie, and some time ago my partner Al and I were sweating buckets in Sudbury’s oldest kickboxing studio - Family Kickboxing - but there was something missing.

Actually, not just missing, flat out broken. And we were desperate to fix it.

We saw more and more people secretly hate their bodies, yet feeling totally stuck. 

They tried it all, and lived in fear that they’d fail again and again, and they were destined to live overweight, unhealthy, out of shape, and with that nagging sore back!

Then, one day we came up with a “crazy idea” for an approach to fitness that was easy, addictive, and oddly fun.
But when we told some people about it, they actually laughed. 

Heck, people even said we shouldn’t try, because helping people lose fat was somehow “shaming them”. 

Oh yeah? 

Well, we didn’t care. 

We believe that most people, deep below years of self-abuse, trying to convince themselves that it’s okay to be out of shape and downright unhealthy and miserable, there’s a beautiful soul that’s begging to be set free.

And guess what? We were right.

And when we tested our theory, people experienced results fast

Belly fat melted away. Chunkiness smoothed out. Inches fell off the gut. Muscle tone got sexier, and strength went way way up. Health improved like crazy.

But the best part?

The smiles got bigger.

Way bigger.

Self-confidence was at an all-time high. 

And now, wearing that sexy dress was an easy choice.

Chasing your kids all day long was effortless. 

Handling the daily stresses became a breeze.

And you know what’s cool?

They we’re still able to enjoy that glass of wine, go for the pitcher, or heck, grab that shot of fireball with a side of potato chips.


Yep, it’s for living.

And now, there’s a way for you to live that life, and still look like you spend way more time at the gym than you actually do.

That’s what Bold Fitness is all about.

Maximum Results, Minimum Time.

Think about it…

What’s life about, if you can’t eat the dessert?

Who has time for 2 hours a day throwing around hunks of steel?

Why work so hard, and then still have to turn down the second round of brewskies?

And why even lose weight, if you still end up insecure, weak and afraid of the world?

Listen, there is a better way. A Bolder way.

Who Needs This Bold Idea?

Are you married but find yourselves spending more time in the dark, instead of crazy with the lights on?

Are you afraid because your age keeps going up, and you don’t want to wind up feeling like a senior, long before you actually get there?

Are you annoyed with your lower back pains, and tired of living life pretending it's normal?

Are you ready to feel like a million bucks, but know there ain’t no way you’re cutting out the all-too-delicious midnight cap?

Have you been single way too long, or just got that way, and ready to get real about becoming a real head-turner?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should try this “crazy idea”.

And, you can get it all for way-less-money, by becoming a Founding Member today.

How To Get In The Best Shape Possible, 
While Still Living The Best Life Imaginable

Listen, many years ago, we would have told you that all you needed in life, was kickboxing. And for 20 years, that’s all we really did.

And, we were darn good at it. We have thousands of testimonials, and an endless log of before and after pictures.

But, things slowly started to change, and we realized, for many, the amount of effort needed to “keep their sexy body” was, well, just way too hard.

In the end, we all wanted a way to look, and feel, like a King or Queen, while being able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

And yep, we’re talking chocolate cake, with all the drizzle. 

Bottomless pits of beer, all-you-can eat wings and the most loaded of loaded nacho's at the game with the boys, cheering and fist pumping late into the night. 

Vino after vino with ladies, with all the goodies, sweets and delicious treats you can imagine.

Oh, and totally guilt free

At the end of the day, most people want the fitness body, without the fitness lifestyle.

Welcome, Bold Fitness.

What if we can redesign our 20 years of Kickboxing teaching, add in much more strength training, and wrap that up with the very things that make you confident, in love with yourself, and proud of who you are.

What if in a couple 45 minute classes a week, you could have your cake, and eat it too? 

And, what if by attending just 2-3 of these “crazy” fitness classes a week, you can…
  • Have the body of a greek God
  • ​Turn heads, and command a presence in every room you walk into. 
  • Have the mental strength of a chess master.
  • ​Rule that dance floor, leaving everyone envious of your personal power. 
  • Have the confidence of a lion, ruler of its land. 
  • ​Look like you just got off the set of Baywatch.
  • ​And the presence of undeniable empowerment and total, absolute self control…
While still enjoying all that life has to offer?

It’s easy, and you can get it all, right now.

Maximum Results, Minimum Effort
…And Right Now, Minimum Cost!

Listen, it’s no secret, the cost of everything is going way way up.

And unfortunately, so is the cost of doing business.

And starting January 1st, a monthly membership at Bold Fitness will be $99 plus tax, for a total of $111.87

That's less than one good meal out with your wife, less than the average cell phone bill, and way less than our truck takes to fill up on gas! 

But unlike those purchases, this is something you do FOR you. And, your body thanks you, long after the bill has come and gone. 

And, as always, these monthly memberships have no admin fees, no cancelation fee's, and no contracts. 

Plus, you can put them on pause, anytime you want, for durations longer than 2 weeks. 

Oh, and you can stop them anytime you want, and we'll still love you. Just give us 2 weeks heads up before your next automated bill date, and we'll stop it :) 

The second membership we have, is our 20 class punch card, which go for $299 + tax. These give you easy "flow-through" access to the classes, without the pressure of the monthly membership. But, you need to use these up within 1 year of purchase.

ALL these offers above, give you access to the full, BLUE schedule, including all OPEN times.

We're excited for this new journey, and even more excited to see you be BOLD. 

We'll see you at the new gym, 

Sara-Marie and Al 

Are You Ready To Be The Head-Turner At Your Party?

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Step #3: Payment Information
$299 + tax
$79.2 + tax
Are You Ready To Put Fitness On Autopilot In Your Life?
Bold Fitness stands for creating an empowering environment that's dedicated to being BOLD enough to put in the work, to live life on your terms. You'll get in the best shape of your life with our workouts tailored to:
  • Melting Excess Fat for optimal health
  • Sculpting and Toning the Body for usable strength and athletic appearance
  • Rewiring the Mind for peak performance, confidence and empowerment
With our Fitness For Real Life programs, we incorporate our 20 years of Kickboxing training through intense, stress relieving heavy bag work - because everyone LOVES beating the crap out of a heavy bag after a long day - with a lifetime of strength training strategies to give you a fully balanced workout, from cardio to toning and strength to drive, motivation and support, for the ultimate body sculpt

At BF, you aren't just a member, you're part of a movement, and you can stand proud proclaiming "I AM BOLD!".

Choose Between Many BOLD Classes

HIIT Classes M/W 6-7AM, Sat 9:30AM

Who: Active members only

Gear: No gear required

Description:  The morning HIIT crew is your ticket to scoring a fantastic circuit style workout and start your day off right! By getting your workout in first thing of the day, you don't need to worry about squeezing it in during your busy evenings. 

Intensity Level: Medium

  •  Members only
  • ​Uniform Shirt
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.

OPEN Gym Times

Who: Active members only

Gear: Variable, depending on what you are doing, but your own gloves and wraps are mandatory if you are hitting the bags. 

Description:  The Open Gym times are designed to give you the opportunity to take full advantage of the large amount of equipment we have at the studio, including the weight lifting and kickboxing sides, and go at your own pace, and do your own thing. 

Intensity Level: Variable

  •  Members only
  • Great for those looking to do their own thing, or squeeze in a little extra focus in certain areas outside of regular classes. 
  • All equipment is available. 
  • ​Uniform Shirt
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum. No banging plates, dropping dumbbells, or otherwise driving everyone else crazy.
  • NO shoes on the Kickboxing side, NO shorts, NO tank tops.

Beginner Class: M/W 5:30-6:15PM

Who: Free Trial, Beginners, those brand new to fitness for real life

Gear: For those in their Free Trial, we provide everything you need to get started. Simply dress comfortably, and come ready for a great class. For all others, a club T-Shirt, Gloves and Hand Wraps are mandatory. We offer many different types at the front desk. 

Description:  The Beginner Class is designed as the starting point for those new to the sport of Kickboxing, and/or just starting out on their health and wellness journey. Each class covers the basics of Kickboxing, and provides just enough exercise for new folks to get a good workout. 

The goal is to show you that regardless of your age, current fitness level or experience, you can see what Bold Fitness is all about, and get started on your journey to being BOLD. 

Intensity Level: Low

  • Free Trials are encouraged to start here, even if the goal is just fitness.
  • Great for beginners that are done their Free Trial, but aren't ready to advance. 
  • Classes include an intro to beating the crap out of a heavy bag, some light pad work, beginner bodyweight exercise's and the use of simple equipment. 
  • ​Great for those just starting a weight loss and strength building journey, and just getting back to focusing on what matters most.
  • Don't worry, there are NO contact partner drills in these classes. 
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.

Intermediate Class: M/W 6:15-7PM

Who: Members with Belts, or by invite if no belt

Gear: Full uniform (shirt AND pant), gloves, wraps, shin pads and mouthguard.

Description: The Intermediate Class is designed specifically for those looking to progress and advance into the sport of Kickboxing. Students are to expect higher-level kickboxing education, as well as contact partner drills and advanced pad work.

Intensity Level: Medium

  • Active members only
  • Great for those interested specifically in learning kickboxing, self-defense and the arts.
  • Contact partner drills, bag work, pad work.
  • ​Full gear required.
  • NOT designed for beginners
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.

Cardio Blast Class: T/T 5:15-6PM

Who: Active Members. Those in their Free Trial are welcome with understanding that it is not a beginner class. 

Gear: Uniform Shirt, gloves and hand wraps are mandatory.

Description: The Cardio Blast Class is designed specifically for those looking to take their health and wellness to the next level. Classes are fast paced, and focus on fitness - not kickboxing. Although you will be hitting the bags in every class, technique is not usually taught. These classes are designed to work out the entire body, helping you reach your fitness goals quickly. 

Intensity Level: Medium

  • Active members only
  • Great for those interested specifically in health and fitness, in melting fat, toning up, and getting in the best shape of their lives. 
  • ​Gloves needed.
  • NO contact partner drills
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.

Ladies Only Class: W 7-8PM

Who: Active Members. Those in their Free Trial are welcome with understanding that it is not a beginner class. 

Gear: Uniform Shirt

Description: The Ladies Only class is a station and coach guided class focusing on sculpting and toning the female body. This class utilizes a wide array of equipment and exercises to keep the body progressing quickly.  

Intensity Level: Medium

  • Active members and Free Trial are welcome
  • Great for those interested specifically in toning, shaping, sculpting the female body.
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.
  • ​NO contact partner drills

Specialty Classes: T/T 6-7PM

Who: Open only to those specifically registered for the active program. 

Gear: Uniform Shirt, some exception for other gear may apply depending on the program.

Description: These "time slots" are reserved for our specialty programs, which run on rotating 8 week sessions. Programs include our TRX Suspension Training, Little Black Dress, Power Couples, and more. Each program has a different focus, and requires registration and approval into the program. 

Intensity Level: High

  • By registration only
  • Great for those interested specifically in the material offered in the running program
  • NO contact partner drills
  • NO shoes, NO shorts, NO tank tops.


Who: Open only to those specifically registered for the program. 

Gear: Uniform Shirt

Description: The CRUSH program is a dedicated weight lifting program designed for those serious about adding real strength. This program is not designed for everyone, and a serious, self-motivated and committed mentality is required. 

Intensity Level: High

  • By registration only
  • Great for those interested specifically in a weight lifting class.
  • ​Indoor running shoes required.
  • ​Uniform shirt required.
  • Addictively Fun and Supportive.
  • Proven, Lasting Weight Loss.
  • Fitness For Real Life.

Over 1,900 Years Old, The Colosseum 
Still Stands Tall Over Rome As The 
Worlds Largest Amphitheatre.  

It Has survived Earthquakes, 
Fires And Wars. 

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